With over 20 years of experience Scott Chandler, DMD provides superior dental care in and around Coalville, UT. With a wealth of expertise at their hands, the staff on hand at Scott Chandler, DMD is able to offer a tailored experience to even the most nervous of patients.

Scott Chandler, DMD offers services that are rarely found at dentists nowadays. If the adults are undergoing a long procedure, the kids can sit and watch a movie. Adults can even enjoy the luxury of memory foam pillows and essential oils whilst undergoing their treatment. When it comes to dentists in Coalville and surrounding areas, Scott Chandler, DMD is second to none.


When it comes to scenic and beautiful places, Coalville, UT just about tops the charts. This stunning and rural community which has a healthy history of agriculture and recreation is one of the most welcoming places not just in the United States, but possibly on earth. Coalville itself is a city in the county seat of Summit County, UT.

Whether you are a resident of Coalville or you are from a neighboring city and just appreciating some of the amazing recreational activities offered, you will always fall in love. Coalville’s weather is great for skiing and snowboarding in the winter, all the way to wonderfully warm summers.

Coalville is just one of those idyllic places that everybody loves. Scott Chandler, DMD is proud to serve Coalville and the surrounding areas.