We hope you find our provided reviews assuring and resourceful. To us, they are a valuable form of feedback for our office to continually adapt to our patient’s needs. We are committed to providing complete biological dentistry in Park City, Utah, and friendly customer service. You can learn more about our office practices and methodology during a visit to our office. You can call our office to address any specific concerns and make an appointment to see biological dentists Dr. Scott Chandler and Dr. Geddes. We hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you. That was the best dental visit I have ever had. Nice staff and the dentist and tech was great with the procedure.
– Terry P.
Dr. Chandler and his staff are the first dentists that I have met that are concerned about the overall health of their patients and not just the teeth. Everything they do with their biological and advanced dental techniques is geared towards improved health in all areas of the patients life. They explain things clearly, craft procedures specifically to fit your needs and budgets and they are very careful about not only the dental materials they use but also the type of pain medications they choose. They have helped me to improve my overall health and it is actually a joy to visit their office not a negative experience as with most dentists.
– Gene S.
Seriously the best care anywhere! Dr. Chandler and his staff are so knowledgeable and kind. I love that they remember details about me and that they take special care to ensure my overall health.
– Mindy C.
Love this office! Fabulous staff and Dr. Chandler is awesome. It’s refreshing to find a dentist that doesn’t push fluoride or silver fillings, love his holistic approach to oral healthcare. Two thumbs way, way up!
– Carisa B.
Amazing Staff, amazing dentist, great results! I have been to many different places for TMJ treatment and I am constantly shocked with the difference I see after a few visits. Thanks for the great results and RELIEF.
– Justin P.
In an effort to save and protect my current teeth which were stained, cracked, and wearing out, Dr. Chandler put new crowns on nearly all my teeth. He did an excellent job and did it all in just 2 visits. He is very skilled and also up on the newest and latest in dentistry. He is also good to explain what he is doing and why he is doing it. I love my beautiful new teeth and would highly recommend Dr. Chandler to anyone needing an excellent dentist.
– Connie W.
My visit was wonderful. Dr Chandler and Staff were so attentive to my needs and comfort, as well as instructive and informative. I appreciated the knowledge and professionalism I found there, and have already referred several of my friends to Dr. Chandler. Keep up the great work!
– Naomi R.
Best experience at a dentist I have ever had. I’m no longer scared to go to the dentist. Dr. Chandler is very intelligent and he explains exactly what he is doing. I recommend Dr. Chandler to anyone. Staff is also great. I can finally smile.
– Dustin J.
Best dentist EVER!!!! Would recommend to anyone for all your dental needs! Very kind and caring! I will definitely be a returning customer!!!
– Sarah D.
Dr. Chandler is concerned about more than just fixing my teeth, he uses the safest tools and composites that won’t react with my body. His techniques and tools help every visit be as comfortable as possible.
– Candice H.
I have been impressed by the exceptional work of Dr. Chandler. My daughters who had all of their amalgams removed and replaced by safer fillings had nothing but praise for his work that was done on their teeth. They were so happy with Dr Chandler’s work and of all those who helped in their care, that they urged me to also seek to have my amalgams removed and replaced safer fillings. Their health has dramatically improved after having their amalgams removed. Dr. Chandler spent painstaking time in evaluating my teeth and providing information of ways my teeth can be fixed. But there is so much work to be done, that I figured it would break my meager bank account, I gave up hope after the initial consultation and half a mouth’s tooth cleaning. But they were eager to help me in any way that I could, so I figured if I could pay for a tooth or two at a time I could continue on, and they were kindly willing to work with me to do that. To get me started toward my goal of getting amalgam free and later to have some other work done, Dr. Chandler removed a huge amalgam filling that I didn’t think was possible to remove and still have any tooth left to fix afterward since there wasn’t much tooth showing. Just a honking big filling. By painstaking work he removed the amalgam and built up a tooth so that a new crown can now be put in place. Every comfort was provided for me while that procedure was accomplished. (Even though I felt like I was going through Chinese torture treatment with the vibrations of the drill rumbling through my brain, and the discomfort of holding my mouth open wider than I thought I could stand to do with the protective device in my mouth with its edges poling into my jaw hinge for close to two hours.) But despite the various discomforts, I was glad the device was in place to catch any particles of stray mercury amalgam. Before, when family dentists had removed amalgams to fix a broken tooth or filling, I remember having chunks of stray metal falling into the back of my mouth and down my throat. Who knows how much poison went into my system from those times. I appreciated all the precautions that were made to ensure that the filling that had been in my tooth for 35 years, and had worn down even with the gum was removed carefully and painstakingly. Dr. Chandler said I had as much amalgam in that one tooth as could fill three teeth. I was so glad to have that out of my mouth. I wanted to go party afterward! I also appreciated the pre-and post op provisions made for my comfort after that procedure. I have never had another dentist go to so much trouble in removing amalgams as he did with that tooth and the one next to it. He was very capable. It was apparent that he knew what he was doing. I felt sorry for him and his assistant having to sit there hunched over my gaping mouth, for so long, concentrating on those couple of stupid teeth. The receptionist has been nothing but kind and helpful,and diligent in helping me set up appointments and in getting me the best program and payment plans so that I can continue working toward getting all the amalgams replaced with safer fillings. Which may take a while, but we’ll work toward an amalgam-free mouth, even if it takes years. The woman hygienist I recently had was so gentle and careful in the cleaning of my teeth, and very thorough. The male one I had the time before was very amiable and nice, and knew his stuff, but was perhaps too something….worried about causing me discomfort? Pain? making sure every little tooth was worked over? Because, for reals–was it really necessary to give me a shot for practically every tooth, just to clean them? Did I say I couldn’t take a little ouch while he cleaned? I don’t think so. I had never had to have shots for teeth cleaning before. So with the new hygienist, I was so glad she just did the cleaning without the shots. Or maybe it was because I was already half numb from the tooth work preceding the cleaning? She was very helpful in providing information and products that will help me maintain the best health for my teeth and gums. I recommend Dr. Chandler to all my family. Thanks so much!
– Jeannette S.