composite dental fillings Dr. Scott m chandler dds dentist in park city utah dentistry4health.orgWe consider our patients’ health in everything we do. Before we ever perform a procedure, there are bodily aspects we try to address. To further this, Dr. Scott Chandler suggests supplements and nutritional guidance that greatly help patients be in a healthy state before a procedure and thus heal more quickly. This helps to assure that our patients are healthy enough to benefit from our treatments properly. We also address our patient’s dental health with composite dental fillings in Park City, Utah, as a natural, more aesthetic treatment option.

Many of our patients look forward to being free from deteriorating and unsightly metal fillings. We happily provide this service and may recommend detoxing after having the filling(s) removed. We do this to remove remnants of any toxic substance from patient’s bodies and restore their health. At Dr. Scott Chandler, DMD, you’ll also receive guidance and support through this entire process. It is our pleasure to help people look and feel better by replacing previous dental work. When this is done with safer materials, we see successful, durable and natural results. This is the life-improving power of modern biological dentistry. We encourage you to experience our unique care for yourself. Please call 435-649-2078 to get started with our biological dentist for composite dental fillings soon!