Are you looking for a holistic dentistry practice in Park City, Utah? Scott Chandler DMD is conveniently located near Kimball Junction and is one of the few biological dental clinics in the entire state.

About Scott Chandler DMD

Dr. Scott Chandler is an experienced dentist near Kimball Junction and has been practicing for nearly twenty years. Before founding his practice in Utah, Dr. Chandler gained experience practicing in Idaho. Scott Chandler DMD delivers biological dentistry and wellness to Park City residents and nearby communities. Biological dentistry uses natural materials and procedures. This means that our practice recommends xylitol in place of fluoride, and mercury and gutta-percha are not used in fillings and root canals. Unlike traditional dentistry, biological dentistry focuses on treating the entire person, rather than just their mouth. Contrary to popular belief, oral health affects overall health, and vice versa. Looking at health holistically allows Dr. Chandler to deliver the best treatment. 

As biological dentistry is not just his job, but his passion, Dr. Chandler’s number one priority is the health of his patients and focuses on providing the highest possible level of care. This focus on customer comfort is reflected in the clinic itself, which has outstanding views of the Wasatch range and is flooded with lots of natural light. Essential oils and pillows are available in the waiting room to ensure you feel relaxed and at ease while waiting to see the doctor. 

When he’s not dedicating his time to his patients, Dr. Chandler enjoys spending his time with his family of eleven children, with whom he often goes hunting with. Volunteerism and charity also make up much of his free time. Through Community Health Connection, Dr. Chandler treats patients unable to access and afford dentistry services, as well as foreign missionaries. 

About the Area

Located in the wider Park City area, Kimball Junction, Utah is at the intersection of Interstate 80 and Highway 224. Over the last twenty years, Kimball Junction has become one of the nicest communities in the area, even rivaling Park City itself. 

Located next to the Swaner Nature Preserve, Kimball Junction sits along 1200 acres of protected land and has stunning views of the Wasatch Mountains. This land provides virtually endless choices of trails that are enjoyed by walkers and cyclists in the summer, and skiers in the winter. The Swaner Nature Preserve building offers a wide range of exhibits and classes for children and adults alike. The impressive building can also be rented as a venue for events. 

Kimball Junction also hosts two major shopping centers: Redstone and Newpark. Here, shoppers can find their favorite chains and discover unique boutiques. There are also plenty of fitness facilities and classes in the area, a wide range of restaurants from budget to fine dining, and a dog park. 

The popularity of Kimball Junction is reflected in the housing market, where only a few homes go on the market each year. Kimball Junction continues to be a desirable place to live and work for many in the Park City area. Finding a dentist near Kimball Junction is beneficial for both residents of the area, as well as individuals in surrounding communities that make regular trips to enjoy all the amenities that Kimball Junction has to offer. 

A visit to Scott Chandler DMD can be accompanied by a trip to the Kimball Junction area. Families can follow up a trip to the clinic with a visit to an exhibition at the Swaner Nature Preserve, and adults can visit one of Redstone’s boutiques and meet friends for dinner after a teeth cleaning. Contact us today and one of our friendly and experienced team members will be happy to set up an appointment with Dr. Chandler for you.